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Life In Colour


Life In Colour

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Ginormous Paintings

Jess loves to be big and to be bold. Her life is all about colour. She loves to create paintings that are individually tailored to people. She loves getting to know her clients, understanding what they want, and creating one-of-a-kind artworks that they can really relate to. She believes in the human-to-human connection and aspires to create a work of art that is personal to her clients. Her touchable, highly textual mega sized murals represent freedom imagination and creativity. Each piece is unique because each client is unique.

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Uluru Photo Book

There is something magical and life-changing about the journeys we embark on. Jess loves to capture this magic, and document her life-changing experiences. Enjoy her first travelling photo eBook, Uluru, filled with glorious images and quirky stories that take you on a visual journey through the Australian outback.

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Smaller Scale Paintings

Covering herself from head to toe in paint is only part of the fun. Jess loves to create, throw paint and get messy. If at the end of a painting session Jess has not got paint on her hands, upper arms, in her hair and on her nose then she obviously hasn’t really gotten started yet. With splashes of fun and colour, her works are so vivid and full of energy and life. 


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Photo Blog

Working on your artistic work on a regular basis is challenging and demands an artist to overcome barriers constantly, travelling in directions they never would have expected. Jess attempts to capture her daily existence in inspirational images as part of her photo blog Capturing Life.